Nailing the handstand

When?: 06/04/2013

Where?: CrossFit London

Details: Every “cool” gymnastic moves comes from an ability to master the handstand. Properly executed the handstand displays balance, core strength and coordination and agility. The handstand is a gateway move to other moves like the lever, the planche and the flag: This 2 hour masterclass, with the outstanding Alex Jerrom, will show you all the special conditioning drills and progressions you need to incorporate into your training to nail the handstand. If you are gym goer this session will give you conditioning drills that will make most gym exercises seem ridiculously petty,and literally kick your training up 2 levels, for the adult gymnast, Alex will give you a unique insight into those drills that your present coaches may have neglected. For any crossfitter, this session is essential £40

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