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10 Boxes in Madrid to Visit whilst at the Meridian Regionals


Website: Crossfit Bellum

Address: Calle García Luna, 24 A

Drop-In: 15€

The Box has  210 Members, and the owners put a strong emphasis on events with members and their families, their goal is to make everyone feel welcome there.

They co-organize the Spanish throwdown, are hugely involved in the Spanish scene and Crossfit Bellum also hosted the USA Team during the Madrid Invitationals in 2015.

Crossfit bellum boxes in MadridSource: Crossfit Bellum
Crossfit Bellum complete with graffiti mural

crossfit bellum rich froning dan bailey chyna cho team usa invitationalSource: Crossfit Bellum
Crossfit Bellum hosted the USA team during the 2015 Madrid Invitationals


Website: Improve Crossfit Madrid

Address: Calle Vicente Caballero, 10

Drop-In: arrange via e-mail

Name of the box is easily explained by checking out the motto on the website: The admirable aim of all the members is to love what they do, improve all their skills, and avoid becoming elitist or arrogant about it.

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