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10 Boxes in Madrid to Visit whilst at the Meridian Regionals

So you’re in Spain at the Meridian Regionals, and you fancy a WOD? Check out these 10 Boxes in Madrid to decide which one you want to visit.

This list covers all the details, addresses and contact information you will need to check out the different Boxes in Madrid if you are in the mood for a workout. With the 2016 Meridian Regionals taking place here, the city will be transformed into a hub of Crossfit activity, so it’s a great time to get involved and experience a new scene.


Website: Urban Box Crossfit Embajadores

Address: Calle de Martín de Vargas, 22, 28005 Madrid, Spanien

Drop-In: for Visitors: 10€, second one for free

Very central, easily accessible box offering special classes for all Crossfit movements, from Endurance to OLY Wods, check website for schedule.


Website: Crossfit Singular Box

Address: Calle de Ramón de Aguinaga, 13, 28028 Madrid

Drop-In: First visit is for free, 2nd purchase a shirt or bring one from your Box

A minimum of 4 months of crossfit experience is required to participate.

They have special Kettlebell and Strongman classes in the Box, and the website is extremely well-structured and easy to use.

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The inside of Crossfit Singular

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