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10 Fat Burning Conditioning Workouts for Crossfitters


“? Well….that was something that happened. 50 squat cleans at 225 yesterday, and today this wonderful gem. It’s almost like CrossFit works. ?”


“(Women do 12 calories per round.) I warmed up for about ten minutes and then got my culo handed to me by this little gem. My entire workout for the day was done in less than 6 minutes. I will not be doing another “sesh” or “piece” or whatever else is the parlance of our times. As long as you do not pound sugar into your mouth all day there is no need to do more than the “workout of the day” at your local affiliate or from CrossFit.com. You obviously can if you enjoy it and WANT to, but for most of us there is no NEED. The distinction is important. And even then…more working out will not fix the problem. Reducing the sugar will. (Anyone who interprets that as me saying you can never eat tasty treats again has entirely missed the point.)”


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