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10 Great Press Up Variations for Strength, Power and Muscle

The Press Up is a timeless and classic exercise, building strength, muscle and power. These 10 variations will test you in many different ways.


press up variations fingertip press upsSource: Legendary Strength
Toughen up your hands!

Raising yourself up on your fingers adds a whole new element to your Push-Up training. In addition to involving a slew of often-neglected muscles, doing Push-Ups on your fingertips allows you to increase your range of motion by creating space to go lower.

If you don’t have the strength to do fingertip push-ups, try placing one hand flat on a slightly elevated object (Kettlebell) while the opposite hand is supported on the fingertips. Remember to switch hands on alternating sets.

You’re not actually all the way on the tips of your fingers, but rather on the pads of them with your fingers spread and the tips slightly bent back. Some people’s digits will wind up bending back more than others. This is not a huge deal. Just don’t allow any part of your palm to touch the ground if you want it to be legit.

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