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10 Crossfit Girls you Have to Follow on Instagram

Fit girls give us something to dream about: for women it’s about having this incredible body like that and for men it’s the fear that there’s someone girly out there warming up with your 1RM Max. We put together a list of our favourite female athletes we think you should follow on Instagram.

Lauren Brooks

This strong and beautiful Crossfit mommy finished 7th by winning Sprint Sled and Sprint Carry events. As one of the strongest athletes in our sport, she is also represented Miami Surge Team in the newly established GRID league.

Andrea Ager

If you would asked anyone who’s the most popular girl on social media the answer would be Agerbomb. GRID’s New York Rhinos team mate has a degree in Exercise Science and was a successful track &field athlete before crossing over to Crossfit. If you need to boost your motivation, her Instagram is the right place to be.

Anna Hulda

Anna is our favourite pick from Europe. This Iceland beauty is another Crossfit mom, national Olympic weightlifting champion and a 9th place athlete from European Regionals. She might look tiny and shy at first, but her recent PR in overhead squat is a huge 100kg! Besides that she is a PhD student in Engineering and teaches system dynamics at University of Iceland.

Brooke Ence

Remember Crossfit demo videos for the Open? The girl in there was Brooke. She finished 6th at NorCal Regionals and recently won the snatch ladder event at the Granite Games with a big lift of 83 kilos.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Camille is a cover girl of Crossfit. This talented Canadian powerhouse finally met her goals of winning the Reebok CrossFit Games and became the Fittest Woman on Earth! When it comes to worldwide popularity Camille tops every chart. We love her cute accent, amazing strength and gymnastics skills and her authenticity: courage to be vulnerable and emotional when everyone expects you to be strong.

Bjork Odinsdottir

At first we liked her gymnastics skills, than we fell in love with her big weightlifting lifts. Phoenix Rise GRID athlete and Europe’s 2nd fittest women made her rookie début at this year’s Reebok CrossFit Games by placing 19th. Originally Bjork comes from Iceland where she was part of the national gymnastics team.

Libby DiBase

North Central region is a home for this 26-year old blonde hottie who’s usually the cover girl for fitness and nutrition companies (Hint: Reebok model). Libby is another fit looking Crossfit mom who loves to train and has her competitive goals set high for the next season.

Jackie Perez

Jackie is a 30-year old competitive athlete from Northern California who placed several time in top 20 at the NorCal Regionals. Her Instagram is daily updated with pictures from training, healthy meals preps and having fun with her friends at the box.

Christmas Abbott

There’s no top 10 girls list without having Christmas on. An athlete, a coach, CrossFit seminar staff and NASCAR pit crew member this tattooed beauty is one of Crossfit’s biggest names. If you’re a fan of the GRID league then you’ll see Christmas on the competition floor as well: with a microphone in her hands, interviewing and chatting with NPGL athletes.

Stacie Tovar

She has one of our favourite personalities in the sport of fitness. Stacie is a 5-times CrossFit Games competitor and one of the most inspirational athletes out there. We were saddened to see she missed this year’s Games qualifying spots , but we know she’ll come back stronger next year.


Did we forget anyone? Who’s your favourite?

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