10 Kettlebell Workouts to Build Incredible Mental Toughness for CrossFit Athletes


AMRAP in 19 minutes
From 0:00-8:00, EMOM of:
2 Asgard Complexes (2×20/16 kg)*
Rest 3 minutes
From 11:00-19:00, AMRAP of:
Asgard Complexes (2×20/16 kg)*
*1 Asgard Kettlebell Complex consists of: 1 Dead Curl, 1 Strict Press, 1 Bent Over Row, 1 Left Renegade Row, 1 Right Renegade Row, and 1 Deadlift
See: Asgard Complex Demo

amrap-kettlebell-workoutsSource: Photos courtesy of CrossFit Inc

Every minute on the minute perform two repetitions of the Asgard strength complex and rest for the remainder of the minute, start again on the next minute, and so on. Three minutes rest, then perform the Asgard strength complex for as many reps as possible.


Every two reps of the complex competed within the minute for task 1 counts as 1 point add the total of complex reps from task 2.


For Beginners, work with one kettlebell. Replace the renegade rows with a row and scale the weight to 12/8 kg.

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