crossfit workouts with running

10 Mentally Challenging CrossFit Workouts with Running

Challenge yourself with these CrossFit workouts with running and increase your aerobic power while you’re at it.

Go for Distance

Max Distance in 15 Minutes of:

  • Running

This is another great benchmark workout to improve your running for CrossFit. Depending on your proficiency you might want to decrease or increase the time (decreasing the time could make the workout harder because less time equals increased intensity).

2019 CrossFit Games Demo Team


8 Rounds for Reps in 4 Minutes:

  • 20 seconds of Mountain Climbers (2-count)
  • 10 second Sprint

With a Tabata timer complete the above exercises for 8 rounds, there’s no rest between rounds.

Try to run as fast and as far as possible during the 10 second sprints, you should aim to cover around 80 meters.

Memorial WOD dedicated to Harriet Kullman.


For Time:

  • 10,000 meter Run
  • 50 Burpees

Time Cap: 70 minutes

This can be done as a steady-state workout or as a benchmark. If you choose to tackle it as the second make sure you go fast for the 10,000 meter run – it should feel just as hard as a full-effort 5k, but twice as long – yet still leave something in the tank for the 50 burpees.

Decrease the number of burpees depending on your ability.

Workout by Hyrox.

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