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10 Mentally Challenging CrossFit Workouts with Running

Challenge yourself with these CrossFit workouts with running and increase your aerobic power while you’re at it.

CrossFit Workouts with Running – Boat Race

3 Rounds for Time:

  • 500 meter Row
  • 400 meter Run

Rest 3 minutes between rounds

This workout is where good pacing comes into play. While speed on both the row and the run are important, you should know how you feel running fast under fatigue and how other high-intensity movements affect your performance.

Take into account the workout as a whole. For example, rowing at a 1:35 pace vs. a 1:40 pace per 500 only results in a 5 second difference, but is quite a bit more difficult in the effort it takes to complete. The same applies for the running. If going slightly slower on the row means you can speed up on the run then go for that strategy, as this will result in a better overall time.

Find the balance and your results will be the best possible.

Workout by Ben Bergeron.


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Linchpin Test 5

For Time:

  • 20 Back Squats (225/155 lb)
  • 2 mile Run
  • 20 Back Squats (225/155 lb)

This workout won’t train your endurance as much as your legs, but is still a great way to test and improve your running and CrossFit performance overall.

This is one of 12 workouts designed by Pat Sherwood as a way for athletes and coaches to measure progress and expose weaknesses.

CrossFit Conditioning – How to Build a Powerful Aerobic Engine


10 Rounds for Reps:

Every 30 seconds, AMRAP of:

  • 25 meter Shutter Run

Rest 30 seconds

For a total of 10 rounds

Try to run as fast as possible and use the 30 seconds rest – which will go by incredibly fast – to recover and bring your heart rate down and your breathing under control. This is a 10-minute workout with only 5 minutes of intense work, so give it your all from the start.

Workout by Hyrox.

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