10 Mentally Challenging CrossFit Workouts with Running

Why do many CrossFit athletes dislike running? The simple answer is because they’re not good at it. Out of many methods to train conditioning (rowing, skipping, biking, skiing), running in CrossFit is often met with resistance.

Cardio endurance takes time to build up and many athletes feel an affinity towards the strength aspect of CrossFit – heavy barbells are impressive after all.

Running is a fantastic sport that will not only bring benefits to your health but will also translate onto the rest of your training. It is also a versatile training method; shuttle sprints, for example, can train speed, effective movement patterns through the change in direction and improve your reaction time, while a 5k run will increase your aerobic threshold, train your endurance and teach you how to pace.

Exploring how you feel and learning how to pace sprints and longer runs can directly translate to your ability to tackle short and long workouts in CrossFit.


CrossFit Running WOD

With a Running Clock in 60 Minutes:

  • Max Distance Run

Every 5 Minutes:

  • 15 Push-Ups
  • 15 Air Squats

This is a long, steady-state workout that will work on your endurance.

Most running in CrossFit workouts is focused on short intervals of 400 or, at most, 800 meters. Yet training longer distances is beneficial not only because it’ll make you a better runner, but also because it’ll improve your stamina, build your engine and improve your general physical and mental health.

If you’re hoping to lift heavier weights, why wouldn’t you want to run longer distances?

5K Time Trial

For Time:

  • Run 5km

The 5k time trail is a great benchmark workout and aligns nicely with CrossFit workouts around the 20-minute mark. Your ability to pace 5k should translate into CrossFit workouts that fall on that not-quite-a-sprint but still fast realm.

Setting benchmarks in running is just as important as your weightlifting numbers. Constantly and consistently test yourself, so you know which areas you could improve in and have a tangible result for your training. Seeing progress and knowing where your weaknesses lie is important to keep you motivated and improving.

Every CrossFit athlete should know their running PBs (Personal Bests) over a handful of distances. Good places to start are the 400m, 800m, 1k, 1 mile, 5k, 10k and half marathon.

If you know your numbers, you can look at a workout and set a goal for it.

How to Optimise and Improve Your 5k Time

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