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10 Motivational Crossfit Guys to Inspire You in 2016

From former Navy Seals to men with Spartan work ethics, these guys are all inspirational for their own reasons. The number 1 spot is reserved for a Crossfit guy who will inspire and remind you that you’re always stronger than your strongest excuse, and it isn’t who you think it is!


He is the undisputed king of the masters division. Ramirez has won this division for the last two years in a row, and if this wasn’t enough, he took first place in every single stage of the CrossFit Games (Open, Masters Qualifier, and Games) as well. Tomorrow, on March 10th, he will face the teenage champ Nicholas Paladino at the live announcement of the 16.3 workout.

What we can learn from him:

    • Age is never an excuse

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