15 Questions With Dave Castro – Director of The CrossFit Games

All questions were asked on Reddit during a recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Dave Castro.

1. I was skeptical of Madison at first, but from the outside it looked amazing and everything came together. Anything you weren’t 100% pleased with and will change for next year?

The things I was not pleased with included internal things, related to our team and stuff we/I did wrong. But the venue, the city everything was great. very happy with Madison and how it turned out.

2. Are you in better shape now, or when you were a seal?

I am in better shape, but I was probably a better runner back then.


3. What’s the most you’ve ever back squatted?

335 lbs (151 kg), I think. not a lot.

4. Prime Froning vs Fraser. Who wins?


5. I really liked the Fibonacci Final, specifically because most of the athletes weren’t able to finish within the time cap and forced the athletes to be “on” until the workout finished. Do you think we will see more of these types of workout where it is a sprint to the very last second?

I think there are a lot of events that have athletes working until the time cap. I wasn’t happy with how many finished it. I expected more to finish than 1. on the men side.

6. What was your reaction to so many athletes dragging the block on the Assault Banger? The workout was clearly not being done as designed and the judges seemed unsure of what to do about it.

Good question, not happy about it.

7. Something that we’re all curious about; next year’s Regionals. Rumour has it that there is going to be a change, either to the way the regions are split, or to the entire process. Can you, a) give us a hint of what’s going to change, or b) tell us if it’s still being discussed?

Still in development, can’t give too much away now on this topic.

8. Why are there so few AMRAPs in the games?

Those style of events, as many reps as possible in a set time, are not exactly the most viewer friendly for the competition that is the CF Games. We use them in the Open, but for the Regionals and Games. Not having someone finish, someone run across the finish line when done with their work, is not as exciting as having that set up. Tests, events with a typical amrap set up would be boring. That being said, the 2223 interval was basically an amrap like workout in an interval format.


9. Dave, Are the athletes that appear in most of the random videos Hq puts out (brooke wells/ence, Dan bailey, bridges,) salaried employees of CFHQ? A friend of mine who claims to have inside knowledge swears to me that rich froning gets paid money to compete in the team competition. Can you confirm this?

Haha, no they are not.

And rich is not paid by us to compete in the team competition. If I had my way, he would have never left the individual competition and over the course of the past few years we would have witnessed epic battles between he and Fraser.

But I don’t have my way.

10. Hey Dave, When do you think or what would it take for the Froning v Fraser talk to end? Also Who do you see as the next person to compete with Fraser in 2018?

It will never end. nor do I believe it should. If people didn’t what if it and weren’t passionate about it, it would mean our sport sucked. that they do, that there is interest in that topic, its part of the great sport we have created.

11. Do you think the athletes have reached a border where there is not much room to improve or do we see the same magic happen in another 10 years and laugh about the stuff we do now?

Yes, we will continue to be baffled by what they can do and where they push the ceiling.

12. What was the hardest CrossFit WOD you have ever done? Why?

Probably fran because of the intensity of it. fran hurt when i started and it still hurts 11 12 years later

13. My question, what made you fall in love with Crossfit?

It was the best way to train for my job at the time, that job being my Navy stuff.

14. What I want to know is are all Crossfit Games athletes (or most) using PEDs/steroid to any extent?

Every athlete who qualifies from regionals to the Games was tested at that point.

Everyone who podiums at the Games is tested. We have a pool of athletes, that we select, that get put in a testing pool for year round testing. And some of those get tested multiple times throughout the year.

15. Can you do a handstand walk?

I can not.

You can find the full Reddit AMA here.


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