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10 Signs You Are Addicted To Crossfit

The 10 Signs you are addicted to Crossfit. Are you? Or not? Check it out! Do you have any other signs? Are there any missing? Which of these ones are characteristic for your friends or your coaches? Let us know!


1. You work out in a BOX – and no one knows what you are talking about!


2. First thought in the morning: WHAT’S THE WOD?


3. If you are in holiday you post videos of yourself doing burpees on facebook!



4. You can’t travel to any foreign city without stopping by the local box for a WOD!



5. Beeing called “Chalk addict” is understatement for you



6. The word “Biceps Curl” brings you to laugh



7. Between AMRAP, WOD, and RX, you pretty much have your own language.



8. You forgot what it feels like not to be sore.



9. You spend as much time cheering on other CrossFitters as you do actually working out.



10. You just can’t stop talking about it.


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