10 Superfoods to Optimise Energy and Recovery for the 2020 Open

The CrossFit Open demands that you optimise your energy levels, and enhance your recovery; especially if you wish to repeat a WOD.

As the Open goes on for five weeks and can be incredibly demanding, at some point, it simply won’t matter how talented you are, how much time and effort you put into sweating at the gym, programming your workouts and analyzing the weaknesses in your training if you don’t have the nutritional side covered as well.


It gives your body the necessary tools to grow stronger, replenish itself and go the extra mile in all of your daily tasks.

So once you’ve got the basics of your Crossfit nutrition and clean eating covered, let’s talk about the benefits you can reap from adding so-called superfoods, meaning foods with an unusually high amount of important nutrients. Nutrients you, as an athlete, need in abundance.

‘Fancy name and hype aside, superfoods don’t have to be exotic or expensive – you’ll be surprised how many of these multi-talents you’re already eating.’

So here’s a list of the Superfoods that have the most benefits for Crossfitters:


This beverage isn’t only good for hydration levels (and making you feel like you’re on a miniature vacation). Coconut water is the perfect solution to get back on track after a tough WOD:

Like a primal, healthy version of Gatorade, it will give back the electrolytes you lost sweating. The natural coconut sugar is a great way to quickly replenish the glycogen (= energy) deposits in your muscles, paving the way for efficient muscle recovery and growth.

superfoods coconut water straight from the shell
Coconut water: helping you to pretend to be on holiday, and get in shape

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