10 Types of Press Up every Athlete Should Add into their Training

The simple Press Up is a tough exercise. While people at gyms spend lots of time on benches and other fancy equipment, push-ups may be an even more effective way to get you stronger, faster. And they’re far more versatile than people think. Push-up variations strengthen your abs, back, legs — pretty much every muscle in your body.



Band assisted Push Ups are often recommended as a way of adding pushups to your training plan if you can’t do bodyweight reps yet. Reverse this round though, and band resisted Press Ups are a way of kicking your butt once you find bodyweight reps too easy.

Grab one end of the band in each hand and loop it over your upper back, then perform your Press Up as you would usually. These have the added benefit of increasing the load at the top as the band tightens, which increases triceps activation. Plus, the band tension as you descend forces you to control the negative portion of each rep.

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