10 Underrated Habits to Get You Lean Now

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Check out these 10 underrated habits to get you lean in 2023 by Dr Mike Diamonds.

Dr Mike Diamonds is a retired medical doctor who is now an online fitness coach and a YouTuber. He has close to a million subscribers on his channel and he usually uses his own body transformation as an example of how to help people become their better selves. He is also the creator of the website Sculpt by Science.

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10 Underrated Habits to Get You Lean in 2023

1. Walking

Underrated habits to get you lean in 2023 – simply walk more.

Although it seems effortless, walking is the best way to lose fat. Because many people don’t do it regularly, it features this list of underrated habits to get you lean in 2023.

Walking more allows you to burn the easiest calories possible. You can do it any time, it is not demanding on the body, meaning you can do it every day as well, and will increase your calorie expenditure. Aim for 10,000 steps daily.

2. Cognitive Restraint

Either restrict your calories to a certain extent or track the overall food you eat. Being conscious about the food you put in your body will allow you to make better decisions in the future.

A good idea is to make use of intermittent fasting for fat loss.

3. One Refeed Meal a Week

Research shows that individuals who restrict themselves from food are more likely to have episodes of binge eating and an unhealthy relationship with food.

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One meal a week can be outside of a person’s diet plan that breaks the monotony of their more restrictive eating habit.

4. Accountability

You are likely to perform better if you are in a setting with other people who are all driven by the same goal. If you are trying to lose weight with more people, or are challenged by other people to get lean, you have an extra motive to do so.

cardio for fat loss do's and don'tsSource: Julia Larson on Pexels

Having other factors besides your own motivation is one of the biggest underrated habits to get you lean in 2023. So join a team sports’, go to fitness camps or do fitness challenges.

5. Sleep

When you sleep less, you are more likely to eat food that will not benefit your fitness goals, your body will break down muscle tissue as source of energy.

Try your best to sleep 7-8 hours. This could be Mike Diamond’s 1st in his list of underrated habits to get you lean in 2023. “Before you start walking, before you start dieting, get your sleep in order.”

6. Fibre

People who eat more high-fibre foods are likely to follow their entire meal plan. Because these types of foods are highly satiated, you are unlikely to eat above your calorie goals.

7. Self-Monitoring

underrated tips to get you leanSource: Andres Ayrton / Pexels

Monitor your weight regularly. It won’t be important your weight change from one day to the next, but rather comparing longer periods to see if you are actually getting closer to losing weight.

It can be misleading if you gain one kilo from one day to the next as you think you might need to change your plans, but if throughout that week you actually lost weight, you are on the right path.

8. Protein

Eating and prioritising protein will help you tremendously to get leaner in 2023. More protein in your body increases the thermic effect food, which means it will increase the calories needed to digest that food. The more protein you eat, the more calories your body burns and you get leaner.

Protein is also the most satiating macro and necessary for building muscle.

9. Resistance Training

Your ability to build muscle depends on your resistance training. Make sure you track the weights you can lift to be able to determine if you are making progress.

Measure your progress to make sure you are making progress. If you notice your back squat hasn’t improved in over a month, you are likely going to make a positive adjustment to your training routine to correct that.

10. Consistency

Lastly, one of the most underrated habits to get you lean in 2023 is also the one that might be the hardest. Walking, dieting, self-monitoring, all of these are good tips, but if you don’t do it day by day you won’t get results. Simple as that.

Implement these steps every day until it becomes a habit.

And that was Diamonds’ list of 10 underrated habits to get you lean in 2023. Click on the video below to see his full explanation of each topic.

VIDEO – 10 Underrated Habits to Get You Lean in 2023

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