Birna Burpees

Birna Aradottir Completes 1000 Burpees Challenge in 30 Degree Heat!

Very impressive display of fitness and mental determination!

Burpees, love them or hate em there is no denying that they work! Check out Birna Aradottir completing 1000 of them in 30 degree heat! 

“when your big sister @ingaarna decides to do 1000 burpees for time while your on a vacation in Spain you have to do it too right?🙃
30 degrees outside and it took 3 hours and 12 minutes, can’t think of a better way to spend my last day here😐
.. thought I was gonna die.”


The name came up in 1930s by American physiologist Royal H. Burpee, who developed the so called burpee test – part of his PhD thesis which was a quick and simple way to assess individual’s overall fitness. He was right. They test our aerobic capacity, indomitable will and much more.

Why Crossfitters Hate Burpees

There’s so many fun, exciting exercises with barbells or challenging gymnastics skills, and then there are burpees…

But are there really any good reasons why so many Crossfit memes revolve around burpees? And why so many athletes don’t like them? Have a look at our three:

1. Drop down, get back up: it’s a vicious cycle.

In general, Crossfitters simply just don’t like them. Often the reason lies in their “how-to” simplicity: the movement begins in a standing position with you feet shoulder width apart. From there on you drop down to the bottom, body flat to the floor, chest and tights need to touch the ground.

Next phrase is getting back up by pushing with your hands (push up), keeping the core engaged (don’t break the lower back) and pulling your feet back to your hands (snap moment). When your feet are back solidly on the ground, you jump to reach the full body extension and clap with your hands above the head.

Drop down. Get back up. Burpees.

The CrossFit Games Open standards:

  • Bottom position: The chest and tights both have to touch the ground.
  • Upper position: contact with the target above you, or jump over the barbell.

2. They never come in numbers 3 or 5, always 50+.

Filthy 50, Athlete Games qualifier, The Don, etc. Even when you calculate the numbers in usual MetCons, remember 14.5 with thursters, you get numbers over 50. They are here to test your overall conditioning and lung capacity. So if you’ve been hitting those weights too often and missing out on your endurance sessions, you’ll have a hard time with burpee MetCons.

Also, heavier athletes might get a glimpse of bodyweight providing more than enough resistance needed for a good intensity.

Always come with 50+ reps.

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To bring back the CrossFit Open 14.5 memories:
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
Thrusters 43/30 kg

3. And if they come with -5 reps, it’s called Kalsu, one of the hardest WODs ever.

Five burpees each new starting minute until you complete 100 reps of thrusters, barbell loaded with 61 for men and 38 kilos for women. Kalsu is a Hero WOD, dedicated to Robert James “Bob” Kalsu, former professional football player who left his sport career behind to serve his country in the Vietnam war. We talked more about it in one of the previous articles: Kalsu and 100 Thrusters: the Hardest WOD Ever?

The workout starts with 5 burpees and continues with the maximum reps of thrusters for the rest of the minute. Each new starting minute you repeat the burpees until all 100 thrusters are done.

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