18 Weakness Destroying CrossFit Running Workouts to Build a Better Engine


Chris Hinshaw on running in CrossFit

“I come from an endurance background. I understand endurance science. I train my athletes very traditionally from what I’ve learned from my career of competing in long distance triathlons. Crossfit is substantially different from that. We are not targeting one specific distance to be good at. We want to be good at a broad range of distances and so we must train and be prepared for exactly that.

Its always important to develop an arsenal of gears for your running. I test and work around the following time and distances, which are all important for Crossfitters.”

  • Recovery jog pace (90 minute pace)
  • 10k (40 minute time domain)
  • 5km (20 minute time domain)
  • 1mile (5 – 6 minute time domain)
  • 400 m speed in Crossfit is critical!

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