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20 Comical Swimming Memes To Forget About Butterfly

Let’s see if you do not laugh out loud with these swimming memes.

If you want to get better at swimming, you need to swim more. But sometimes, inevitably, you need to relax your body and mind. These 20 hilarious swimming memes might be just what you are looking for before you hit the pool again.

The love/hate relationship we have with the swimming pool can be geared towards one person: the coach. The coach can make your day a great one, or an excruciating one.

To honour our coaches, the lane line, and our sneaking out early by pretending to “go to the bathroom,” here are some swimming memes you surely will enjoy.

Swimming Memes

A warm-up should be a warm-up people

You hit the water, there are countless heads behind you warming up as well, but some just take things too fast too soon.

Could be worse

There is a very spoken rule in swimming.

swimming memes

Let’s just practice outside and… oh

Just taking a quick break and making sure the coach does not see me laying around.

Great excuse.

Coca-cola didn’t help Cristiano Ronaldo during the Eurocup 2021, but it surely can help you with backstrokes. And refresh you at the same time.

Not helping

And those random people who think their cheering is making you happier, but inside you just want to go home.

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