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20 Lessons from Rich Froning to Help you become a better CrossFit Athlete

11. Push Further Than Your Mind Says You Can

Rich confesses that there are thousands of people who are athletically more skilled than him in every way. So how has he succeeded?

It’s his mind. He says during the Crossfit Games, it’s 70% mental and only 30% physical.

He has trained many people who have bodies that have the potential to go a lot farther, but they won’t because their mind tells them to quit early on. I found a study in the book The Willpower Instinct that discovered that the human mind sends signals of exhaustion far before your body actually exhausts as a safety measure.

The lesson is that you can push a lot farther than you think you can.

12. Reward Yourself (In A Healthy Way)

Rich would reward himself with the workouts he enjoyed (Olympic lifts) after workouts he hated (running). This helped balance him and prevent him from burning out.

Chris Hinshaw rich froning top crossfit athletes on the track amrap wodsSource: Chris Hinshaw
Running work with Chris Hinshaw

13. Rich Froning’s Workout Routine and Diet

Rich doesn’t take any pre-workout. He does take protein shakes for breakfast.

He takes supplements but advises you do your homework before you do. There are a lot of bad supplement companies out there. Check out the reputation of the brand behind the supplement before you use it. The less sugar and the more natural, the better.

He eats and drinks until his body feels full. He doesn’t track calories. Having said that, I noticed he also eats pretty clean naturally.

For Rich, there is no set routine; it’s based off how his body feels. There is no regiment, like arm day or back day; he goes off feel. He mentioned in the book that he will sometimes do three or more WODs (workouts of the day) in a single day.

I wouldn’t advise doing the same thing. Rich’s body seems to be genetically better attuned to knowing when to keep going and when to quit. The rest us of may be quite off.

There is a saying by Tim Ferriss and Malcolm Gladwell, two people who make their living studying successful people. It goes something like, “The world’s most successful people are successful in spite of whatever they do, not because of it.” I’ve heard fitness Youtubers say the same thing.

What’s the lesson? Just because these people are genetically gifted to be able to avoid tracking calories and knowing what workout to do doesn’t mean you do.

Life Lessons

14. Have A Partner Who Balances You

Rich’s wife, Hillary, has always helped him stay balanced and humble. She doesn’t care much about Crossfit or what place he gets in the Games. She even has a “No Crossfit Talk” period in her house.

This is perfect for Rich because it helps keep his ego in check. It reminds him to not make Crossfit his identity and that it’s only a channel for him to promote Christianity.

15. Stay Humble

I do not know if being humble actually helped with Rich’s success. However, he was always a humble person and never thought his achievements in Crossfit defined him. It was always more about promoting his religion and his sport. He even said that he doesn’t see himself as more than another guy who likes doing Crossfit.

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