2015 CrossFit Games Day One: Masters & Teens Highlights

The athletes of the Teens & Masters divisions will inspire you one of two ways: reminding you that the younger ones are not far behind, and the older ones proving it’s never too late to fulfil your potential.

Day one of the 2015 CrossFit Games kicked off yesterday with the Masters & Teens divisions. Our European athletes have put up some impressive performances. Here our are highlights:

Event 1, The Triplet

Bryan Hernandez (16-17) of CrossFit Lanzarote, Spain, smashed the Triplet and won the event. His lowest finish of the day was 8th, in event 3. He currently sits just outside the top 3 in 4th place overall.

Filippa Ferm (14-15) of CrossFit 360 Degrees, Sweden, displayed consistency throughout the day starting with this event, taking 5th. She took 6th in both event 2 and 3, sitting in 7th overall.

Marion Valkenburgh (50-54) of CrossFit Vlaardingen, Netherlands, has two top 10 finishes from day one, her best in the Triplet, taking 3rd. She took 4th in the thruster (180lb), putting her in 7th overall.

Europe’s oldest athlete at the Games, Joke Dikhoff (65 years old in the 60+ division) of CrossFit NewStyle, Netherlands took her best finish of the day in the Triplet. She finished in 5th, going into day two in 14th place.

Watch Hernandez’s winning performance and the entire event here:

Event 2, Thruster

Kristaps Simsons (14-15) of CrossFit Unlaois’d, Ireland, won event 2, putting up an outstanding 95kg (210lb) thruster. We’re excited to see his strength progress in the coming years.

Klaudia Dabrowska (16-17) of CrossFit Essen, Germany, used her Olympic Weightlifting background to secure 3rd in event 2 (73kg/160lb), her best finish of the day. She currently sits in 7th overall.

Karl Dyall (45-49) co-owner of CrossFit Solid, Sweden, also took his best finish of the day in event 2. His 110kg (241lb) thruster secured him 5th place.. He also took 8th in event 1, with a 6th place overall heading into day two.

Lars Boss Thomsen (55-59) of CrossFit Bornholm, Denmark, is our oldest male athlete at the Games. He took 7th in event 2, with a 88kg (195lb) thruster. He sits in 9th overall.

Watch Dabrowska and the rest of the European athletes lifting here:

Event 3, SQT.

With two top 10 finishes, Jenny Jacobsen (40-44) of CrossFit Nordic, Sweden, rounded day one off with her best finish in event 3, taking 7th. She currently sits in 11th overall.

Starting the day off slowly, Scott Jenkins (45-49) of CrossFit Blackwater, Great Britain, pulled himself back up the leaderboard with a 2nd place finish in event 3. He goes into day two in 12th place.

Catch Jenkins and event 3 here:

Not a European, but Sydney Sullivan (14-15) of CrossFit Jenks, US won every single event in her division on day one. Keep your eyes on her!

We look forward to day two of competition and the start of the individuals and team events later today.


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