3 Exercises to Practice & Perfect Before the Open Starts

As I’m sure you all know! The open is upon us! A time I absolutely love. As really as mean as the workouts can be, it does give you a great marker to see where you’re at, what you have improved on and what you still need to improve on, such is the life of a crossfitter… You’ll always have something to keep getting better at!

Pretty much, your strength work is done! It’s all about how fast and well you can do reps for time now and the better you move the more you can concentrate on your breathing! Here are 3 tips to help you with your efficiency with the workouts and hopefully aid you to hitting that first muscle up when they inevitably come out again!


In certain circumstances, you are only as good at lifting weight as you are at setting it down again! This is the number one error I see at beginner Crossfit competitions. When you are doing touch and go reps you HAVE to set yourself up in a good position to lift again on your reset.

If you don’t you’re going to risk getting tired faster and also a niggling back injury! Loading the posterior chain and just lightly touching the floor and going for your next rep will make the weight lighter to you and also help you to conserve energy. Not having to “save” dodgy lifts, if you feel like you need to completely relax in the bottom then take the break.

This applies to your ground to overhead, snatches, cleans and deadlifts. This will feel like a lot of hard work the first few times you drill it but ultimately, when it becomes second nature to you, your fitness will seem to increase dramatically for some magical reason…


Again, that slight shift in position will mess up everything and cause you to lean forward or even MISS (but it’s probably the judges fault right!?). Focus on the front squat and keeping your elbows up and really power the movement from the legs! Same applies to thrusters too! Everyone seems to want to push early with their arms and it’s just wasted effort! Use the weight as your counterbalance to make your squat easier and you’ll be far stronger and not gas as quick either!


For some of you it is coming! I don’t normally let any of my athletes attempt a kipping muscle up until they can do a strict one… But it is the open and I know you are all going to do it anyway.

Please DO NOT attempt if you cannot do a solid ring dip from the very bottom position. Have patience! Hips to the rings or bar THEN sit up, if you can use your lats to give you the height in your kip and use a good hollow body position you’ll nail it! Be fast but at the right point! I have demonstrated a few quite slowly to show how much time you have if you can just get the height with your kip!!

If you find these tips helpful and would like to see more please follow my coach page and don’t be afraid to say hello!

Get your wods on! Don’t skip any classes and get signed up! Ask your coach what you need to work on and get some honest feedback! Good luck everyone!!

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