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5 Night-Time Habits That Make You Fat

Curb your behaviour if you do any of these.

Check out this concise list of 5 night-time habits that make you fat.

Sometimes you do everything you believe to be correct to lose weight and still things don’t go your way. Eating less, moving more, doing strength training too. Perhaps you lose weight but gain it back quite fast. What could be the issue then?

Have you thought about some night-time habits that make you fat? Well, they exist and to showcase them, check what YouTube channel WaysAndHow explained about them.

WaysAndHow is a YouTube channel with over 1.8 million subscribers. The content it puts out varies immensely. The channel claims to provide DIY videos with lots of information ranging from nutrition to fitness and health.

cup of warm tea next to bedSource: David Mao on Unsplash

5 Night-Time Habits That Make You Fat

These are the 5 night-time habits that make you fat according to WaysAndHow.

1. Sleep Too Late

The lack of sleep doesn’t only affect your cognitive performance, it also affects your metabolism and compulsion for food.

In a study, people who don’t get enough sleep in one night, tend to eat an additional 385 calories the following day.

2. Too Much Technology

Screen devices disrupt your sleep because of exposure to what is known as blue light. This suppresses your melatonin production, and spikes cortisol and insulin production.

This can lead to night-time snacking. An hour before bedtime it is best to avoid your electronic devices.

3. Heavy Dinner

A research published by Tel Aviv University showcased that having a heavy breakfast and a light dinner is the best way to lose weight, manage obesity, and combat metabolic syndrome.

Night-Time Habits That Make You Fat

The best way to eat a lot of food without ingesting too many calories is to focus on eating leafy greens and vegetables.

4. Regular Nightcap

While having a glass of wine every day has its benefits, it also contains around 125 calories per glass. If you don’t stop at one glass, it can backfire easily. Having a regular nightcap where you drink a glass of wine to sleep then is why this is on the list of night-time habits that make you fat.

Instead, try to sip on herbal tea to help you relax and fall asleep.

5. Snack on Junk

When you’ve had a long tiring day, it is easy to snack on junk food before going to bed because you feel like you deserve a treat. The excess salt in those snacks will also make you retain water in your body.

Indulging in them rarely might not make a difference, but doing them regularly will cause you to pack on unwanted weight.

And that was WaysAndHow list of 5 night-time habits that make you fat. Click on the video below for more information on the matter.

VIDEO – 5 Night-Time Habits That Make You Fat

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