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Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises Ranked Worst to Best

These bodyweight shoulder exercises are sure to strengthen your delts, but know how to pick the best ones.

Virtually every upper-body exercise you perform relies to some extent on your shoulders strength. To make them stronger and prevent you from getting injured, here is a list of 22 bodyweight shoulder exercises ranked worst to best.

One of the best ways to build muscle using your body weight is by performing calisthenics movements. Simple calisthenics exercises are push-ups, pull-ups, squats and even sit-ups. But there are other calisthenics movements that only advanced athletes should perform and some of them are great for increasing your shoulders strength.

The list below is based on exercises with the ability to build muscle. Pure mobility or stability exercises will not be featured in the list as their goal is different.

Disclaimer: some of these exercises are not bad at all, but they do not target the shoulders in the best optimum way, therefore a particular exercise might be ranked lower than most people would expect.

Watch – Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises Ranked Worst to Best

Complete list of bodyweight shoulder exercises ranked worst to best:


  • side plank rotation
  • crab walk
  • back bridge push-up
  • plank up


  • reverse planche lean
  • back lever
  • Korean dip


  • regular push up
  • regular dip
  • handstand walk
  • pike walk
  • prone raise
  • planche lean/hold
bodyweight shoulder exerrcisesSource: Minna Hamalainen


  • planche raise
  • shoulder dip
  • bodyweight lateral raise
  • rear delt press


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