25 Important CrossFit Exercises (and How to RX them All in 2021)


The bench press is not a common exercise in Crossfit, yet it can be a great way to build power and improve lock out strength and overhead press movements for other lifts.

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male athlete bench press
Develop your chest


The Push Press isn’t just another shoulder exercise, it’s a move that builds strength and power throughout the entire body and core. If you want strong, healthy shoulders you should be working the press hard at least once a week. That alone will make a huge difference to your performances.

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push press crossfit girlSource: RX'd Photography
train hard!


The right breathing, bracing setup, and technique throughout the movement will help you stay tight and lift BIG in the squat: The KING of strength exercises.

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male crossfit athlete squatting 1rmSource: BOXROX
The king of strength exercises


“There is no reason to be alive if you can’t do DEADLIFT”

John Pall Sigmarsson: 4x winner of the World’s Strongest Man Competition.

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male crossfit athlete deadlift proper form
A powerful full body strength exercise


The Squat Jerk is an impressive and technically difficult lift, but if you aren’t scared to challenge yourself and love to learn new things, then read on.

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Squat jerk athletesSource: sportivnypress
Squat Jerk in competition

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