25 Important CrossFit Exercises (and How to RX them All in 2021)


The Split Jerk is a movement that requires immense amounts of power and technique and in contrast with the push or power jerk, is used to lift the most weight. If you want to push your Clean and Jerk PR through the roof, perfect this technique.

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male crossfit athlete split jerk with barbellSource: High Intensity Photography
The Split Jerk in action


The Barbell Row is one of the most effective assistance exercises you can do to increase your Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. It will improve the strength of your back, hips and grip and even be useful for improving the power of your Pull Ups and Muscle Ups.

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barbell row techniqueSource: Stronglifts
Technique for the exercise


A combined front squat and push press, this punishing exercise can be a real killer!

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male athlete exercising in Crossfit competition
Thrusters will set your legs on fire


The Pull Up is one of the classic physical tests of functional strength. Improve your ability today!

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bodyweight workouts female crossfitter pull up crossfit exercisesSource: RX'd Photography
Timeless and highly effective


This tricky gymnastic exercise takes a great deal of effort to get right. With the right progressions and accessory exercises, you will have it mastered in no time!

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ring muscle up progressionsSource: RX'd Photography
Annie Thorisdottir on the rings


The Bar Muscle Up is a tough exercise to get right! Use these technique tips and watch out for these common problems to avoid and you will get there in no time.

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gymnastic exercises brooke ence bar muscle upSource: RX'd Photography
Brooke on the bar

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