3 Essential Shoulder Exercises for Mass

Grow bigger and stronger shoulders with only 3 exercises.

Building wider rounder delts can be a long and often excruciating path, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 3 crucial shoulder exercises to gain mass.

Bigger and well-rounded shoulders give the illusion of a bigger upper body and a smaller waist, a commonly desirable shape for both men and women with the V-shape and the hourglass, respectively.

Coach Alan Gonzalez, the creator of YouTube Channel Muscle Monsters, has shared his thoughts about 3 crucial shoulder exercises for mass.

In the video, he starts by explaining the anatomy and physiology of the shoulders. After knowing that, you can choose the correct exercises to build bigger shoulders. The shoulder is divided into three muscles: anterior, lateral, and posterior deltoid.

According to Gonzalez, these 3 shoulder exercises for mass are perfect to increase the size of your delts.

The first one increases your overall shoulder strength, the second one emphasizes the mid delt to build wider shoulders, and the last one adds volume.

Watch 3 Crucial Shoulder Exercises for Mass

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Since the function of the anterior deltoids is to flex your shoulders and provide internal rotation, Gonzalez does not include any anterior deltoid isolation exercises.

Exercise 1 – Overhead Press

It elicits higher front, mid, and rear delt activation. Plus it is easier to overload, something that the standing dumbbell press does not provide.

Exercise 2 – Bent Over Lateral Raise

Without some kind of lateral raise, the mid delts will not get enough stimulus to grow.

Bending over and raising dumbbells on your side activates your mid delts without increasing the risk of injuries.

Exercise 3 – Reverse Peck Deck

Make sure to include any deltoid some direct rear delt work at the end of your workout to make sure no deltoid head is neglected.

Check out coach Alain Gonzalez’s 3-day workout split for muscle growth.

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