3 Fastest Fat-Burning Exercises (How to Lose Stubborn Fat)

Say good bye to your belly fat.

Check out the 3 fastest fat-burning exercises to help you lose weight and body fat.

Losing weight doesn’t have to mean hours on end doing boring cardio. In fact, some argue that cardio is not all that great for losing weight. That is the case of Vince del Monte.

Vince del Monte is a former WBFF Pro Fitness Model who became a coach teaching people how to build muscle, especially skinny guys, and how to create online programs. He’s got almost half a million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He developed a series called “screw cardio” in which he dives into other exercises to lose weight that are not cardio-related. He came up with a list of the 3 fastest fat-burning exercises to help you lose that unwanted body fat.

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3 Fastest Fat-Burning Exercises

Del Monte begins by explaining that the workout you are about to see is referred to as contrast ladders. “A very superior way of getting more volume, getting more weight from week to week.”

The 3 fastest fat-burning exercises are supposed to be done in a circuit. They are:

  1. Rack Pull Deadlift
  2. Standing Military Press
  3. Chin-Up or Pull-Up

The deadlift is not going to be lifted from the floor, but rather from an elevated surface so that you can load up more weight and do extra volume to this exercise.

Standing military press can be done with a barbell or dumbbells, depending on what feels more comfortable for you.

For the last exercise, it is good to have different options of grip for you to try as you will get fatigued along the workout and changing the grip will help you crank out more reps while also targeting your muscles differently.

3 fastest fat-burning exercisesSource: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.
Military press

The circuit workout combining these 3 fastest fat-burning exercises should be done in 20 rounds as follow:

  1. 10 reps
  2. 1 rep
  3. 9 reps
  4. 2 reps
  5. 8 reps
  6. 3 reps
  7. 7 reps
  8. 4 reps
  9. 6 reps
  10. 5 reps
  11. 5 reps
  12. 6 reps
  13. 4 reps
  14. 7 reps
  15. 3 reps
  16. 8 reps
  17. 2 reps
  18. 9 reps
  19. 1 rep
  20. 10 reps

You will be doing 110 reps for each exercise, which means it is a massive 330 reps guarantee to burn your calories.

On average you should be taking 30 seconds of rest between exercises. This workout is also programmed for you to do it once a week only as it is very taxing on the body and you will need time to recover from it.

Also, if you don’t do all the reps unbroken in any given round, that is ok. Next week, try to get all the reps you missed before, which is a form of progressive overload. If you managed to get all reps, then perhaps you can add more weight to the barbell.

And that was Vince del Monte’s workout with the 3 fastest fat-burning exercises. Click on the video below to see more details about it.

VIDEO – 3 Fastest Fat-Burning Exercises

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