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Source: CrossFit Inc

3 Simple Stability Tests Every CrossFitter Should Pass!

Can you pass these three stability tests?

The bodyweight single leg deadlift 

In the way same way that testing each arm individually is important, so is testing each leg!

Pistol squats are an “ok” single leg exercise but they have very little hamstring involved and they’re just too damn advanced for some people. Standing on one leg for extended periods of time should not be an issue for someone, especially if you want to be good at lifting weight or running (ha! Who wants to be good at running).

  • Start off in a deadlift position and make sure you are aware of your hamstrings.
  • Shift your weight to one leg, take yourself through 10 single leg deadlifts tapping yourself on the middle of the shin
  • maintain a flat back and reach with your hips, not your shoulders.

If you can do this easily on both legs for 10 reps without your hips changing position or your foot rotating away out somewhere then you pass!

If not PRACTICE till you can! If one knee always caves in on you and you rotate on one side you could have a hip mobility issue and that could present itself with either knee pain or lower back pain! 

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