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Source: CrossFit Inc

3 Simple Stability Tests Every CrossFitter Should Pass!

Can you pass these three stability tests?

Side plank straight leg lift 

Your obliques are key to keeping you up! By using the side plank as a test you can start to see if you default more to one side, this can present itself through EVERYTHING that you do! Even chicken winging a bar muscle up.

Weakness on one side of your body can wreak havoc on your shoulder and hip stability. In a lot of cases with people I work with, their joint issues come down to a bracing problem NOT a joint problem!

Imagine your core is a house of cards, if one card is out of place your house will topple, side planks are not just a boring Pilates exercise they are FUNDAMENTAL CORE STRENGTH for everyone! If you attend the CrossFit football course you will be planked to DEATH and be stronger for it! 

So, there it’s is! Get off the foam roller, ace these movements, add the bottom up press to your PR list and get stuck in to making your body perform better and get stronger every day! If you are interested in more of my methods I have a video tutorial and guide available from my website, No equipment needed. Nothing fancy. No big words. Just great drills with simple explanations. 

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