3 Snatch Warm Up Exercises From Andrea Ager to Improve your Lifting

Perfect your warm up and increase your performances.

Andrea Ager – “Warming up for snatch with these three exercises. The sots press with clean and snatch grip actually helps activate my mid-back and upper back. The ankle circles are clutch for ideal range of motion! ??‍♀️”

Looks like I’m the guinea pig again! Coaches, watch this barbell drill carefully. Teach it to your athletes! I first was introduced to this drill by @waxmansgym in CA and now I had to “re-learn it” today @coachjoewl because let’s be honest – I’m a little RUSTY! Do all of these reps look the same to you????… ??‍♀️ ? to the untrained eye its hard to see the diffference that’s why we need professionals. . 1. Balance standing tall 2. Shoulders over bar 3. Shrug shoulders 4. JUMP & drop down into receiving position . #crossfit #snatch #weightlifting #speed #drop #workout #crossfitgames #athlete #technique #SeanWaxman #Waxmansgym #CoachJoe #CrossFitFlatBush #AgerBombSeminars #believe #AgerBomb #training #workhard #prayhard @crossfitflatbush ????‍♀️??TAG YOUR GYM RAT FRAANNNZZZ ???????

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Try these WODs if you want to test your Snatch in different ways:

Crossfit workouts involving the Snatch


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