3 Squat Variations to Build Full Body Strength and Tackle Weaknesses

3 Squat variations to keep your body guessing and your gains progressing.

Wait, isn’t this CrossFit thing supposed to be “constantly varied”?

Then why do you keep doing the same 5 squats? Let me guess, Front Squat, Back Squat, Overhead Squat, Wallball, Air Squat?

That gets old quick, and if you’ve been in this for a while, you’ve probably stalled out. Get back on the gain train and actually make some progress with these three squat variations guaranteed to shake things up from your normal routine.

Zercher Squats

These are one of the most difficult squat variations known to man. Not only do they build leg strength, but they also build strong arms, a strong back, but most importantly, they’re different, and if different stops you from getting bored, you’re guaranteed to stick with it.

Check out this video here to learn how to do them!

P.s. I would recommend using an axle bar if you have it, or taking your knee sleeves and putting them on your elbows to save them the damage.

Anderson Squats

These are about as common as the zercher squat in a crossfit gym, but they have a lot of benefits. The biggest benefit is busting through a sticking point in the squat. Say you have a hard time getting through squat right above parallel, this allows you to set the bar up from that specific point and practice how it’s supposed to feel, without the drawback of soreness caused by the lowering into the squat.

I recommend using a Yoke for these, but you can also set the bar up on blocks, or off of safety bars. Check this video out on how to do them properly!

No Lockout Squats

This variation is my personal favorite. They are a staple in any athletes program that needs to build muscle endurance, are great for growing HUGE legs, and are a staple in my 6 Week Leg Day Program!

Check this video out to learn how to do them properly, then give it a try and feel the burn!

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