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3 Top Ways to Squat Deeper and Improve your Mechanics

The squat is essential for building strength, toughness, muscle, coordination and is a part of a huge number of different exercises in Crossfit. Here is how to make yours better.


Not just front squat, back squat, overhead squat.  Not even just regular goblet squat.  Try a prying goblet squat where you lower the KB down to one foot at a time to shift the weight into different corners of the squat.  Squat with weird foot positions.  Squat and twist.  Squat and reach; forwards, up, left, right. 

By adding in these variables, we emphasise different aspects of the squat, all of which contribute to the ‘standard’ squat pattern.  If you can squat in a narrow stance with one toe in and reaching across with the opposite hand, then guess what, your regular squat is going to feel easier and you’ll be able to drop into more depth.

I mentioned in a previous blog that restrictions can cross planes of motion so by adding all these variables, we can work through mobility limitations, without stretching/foam rolling, again encouraging more depth in the sagittal plane that we all care about.

A couple of simple examples here:

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