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3 Ways to Improve Your Open Performance That Have Nothing to Do with Training


Once you’ve sorted out what to eat, you need to consider how much to eat.

Try to eat until you’re relatively full and pay attention to each of your meals, trying to understand if your hunger increases or decreases, and how your energy levels are affected.

Being mindful while you’re eating each meal of the day should help you do a pretty good job at meeting your caloric requirements, which in turn will ensure you have enough energy to meet the demands of the CrossFit Open.


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Meeting, or even slightly exceeding your caloric demands, will also help you recover as much as possible from each training session. This is especially important before you do an Open workout.

Any exercise that’s high intensity is fuelled exclusively by glucose. The energy for this type of training comes from pre-existing muscle glycogen stores. It takes over 24 hours to replenish glycogen stores, so to ensure you’re topped off and ready to perform to your best, you should eat enough the day of the workout and the day before.

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