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3 Ways to Improve Your Open Performance That Have Nothing to Do with Training


Set up a sleep routine, where you go to bed and wake up around the same time every day throughout the CrossFit Open.

Sleep has been called “the best performance enhancer there is” and for a good reason: it recovers the muscles from effort, consolidates learning and memorizing, and also helps manage stress and emotions better than any medication or supplement available on the market.

After increased mental and physical effort – which the Open brings about – the body needs to recover. The higher the mental and physical effort undertaken in a day, the more profound the recovery needs to be. Therefore, the fact that sleep is especially important during the CrossFit Open, when the body is subjected to higher amounts of stress than normal, is self-explanatory.

Try to sleep eight hours every night and dial in your sleep routine.

How Sleep Affects Recovery, Performance and Health for CrossFit Athletes

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