5 Common Crossfit Nutrition Mistakes to Avoid

3. Failing to evaluate and adjust

You wouldn’t follow a training program without tracking results, whether that’s a body fat percentage, 5k time or 1RM snatch. Nutrition can account for more of the changes you can create and have control over, so it is ludicrous to not consistently evaluate and re-evaluate their nutrition. People generally are notoriously poor at evaluating their diet. The average person thinks they have a healthy diet, but don’t. Even when obesity is an obvious problem, most people label their diet as healthy or mostly healthy.

Kristin-HolteSource: CrossFit Inc

The average Crossfitters thinks their nutrition is great, but is it? To really evaluate your nutrition, you need to know exactly what’s going on. If you never have before, it might be time to put your eating under the microscope with a food diary. Keep track of everything you eat and drink for 2 weeks, including the amounts and times. Note any bodily sensations and energy levels in workouts. It’s only with a hard, honest look at what’s going in will you be able to pinpoint where you’re going wrong. For the majority of people I work with, both athletes and clients looking to lose weight, a food diary produces “a-ha!” moments as the previously automatic, un-examined food behaviour is suddenly there in black and white.

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