5 Common Crossfit Nutrition Mistakes to Avoid

4. Crossfit Nutrition Mistakes – Following the hype

Sam-BriggsSource: CrossFit Inc

You wouldn’t expect specific results from your training by just going with the flow. If I want to improve my snatch but spend too much time high-fiving over heavy bench press sessions, just because that’s what everyone else is doing, I’ll be ultimately disappointed. It’s certainly ok to say that being social is your priority and have fun doing it, but don’t be upset when you have a great bench press and a crappy snatch. The same goes for your nutrition. There will be little trends, supplements that everyone’s talking about, foods that are being praised or vilified, but you can’t be swayed by the hype. A solid plan, informed by what works for you (see notes on evaluating and adjusting above) is no match for flavour of the month.

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