5 Common Crossfit Nutrition Mistakes to Avoid

5. Crossfit Nutrition Mistakes: Expecting it to be fair and equal

Yes, it’s not fair that you have that niggly mobility issue that requires consistent attention while that new guy steams in and muscle ups without any warm up. But hey, life’s like that. It’s not fair. And ignoring, denying or fighting that will only land you in a lot of pain and problems. Your nutritional needs can be lumped into the category of unfair, too. There will be those who seemingly fill themselves with junk and yet seem to fly through the stages you’d like to be achieving.  You’ll meet that one who can WOD right after a meal or beat you every time on a diet of jelly babies. You can either tell yourself that if it works for them, it will work for you. Or you can deal with the hand you’re dealt. If you know that jelly babies make you fat and sluggish, then your best bet is to stop trying to demand that nature gave you a different digestive system and start coping with the facts.

Katrin Davidsdottir

The wonderful truth of life is that you are completely unique. We can’t expect to eat the same as someone else and get the same results. For every nutrition plan, subtle tweaks will have to made to account for your individual make up. There are also these odd cases that seem unaffected by junk food and we can’t get caught up in wondering why we aren’t the same. We have to work with what we’ve got. The same goes for changes throughout a lifetime. Age, illness, lifestyle all have an effect on our nutritional needs and can lead to nutritional mistakes. It’s not fair, for instance, that old bodies don’t process McDonalds the same as young ones, but this is something you are strong enough to handle if you can stop struggling against reality.

Crossfit Nutrition Mistakes – Conclusion

I write with the basic assumption that you have made an effort to clean up your diet and avoiding nutrition mistakes since starting Crossfit. But I’m aware that this might be inaccurate. The hard honest truth is that won’t see the best results in your physique or your performance without attending to your nutrition. Thinking that you can out-WOD your junk food diet, not paying attention to your nutrition and cycling through times when you are “on” and “off” a plan will produce no results. You can work like a beast and have the tummy of a CareBear. Decide on your priorities. If you really want to see an improvement in your athletic potential, your body fat, your lean mass – take ownership of it.

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