5 Core and Abdominal Workouts to Strengthen Your Midline and Reduce Back Pain

Almost every movement you make in and out of the Box involves your core, working on making it stronger should be on every athlete’s list.

Core and Abdominal Workout 3

Overhead squats will test your core stability, as well as balance and general mobility.

Open WOD 15.2 is a full-body workout and it’s great for all abilities as it starts gently and gets progressively harder.

Every 3 minutes (until you fail to complete two rounds)

From 0:00-3:00
2 rounds of:

  • 10 overhead squats (95/65 lbs, 43/30 kg)
  • 10 chest-to-bar pull-ups

From 3:00-6:00
2 rounds of:

  • 12 overhead squats
  • 12 chest-to-bar pull-ups

12, 14, 16…


Number of reps completed.


Same scheme:
2 rounds of:

  • 6 overhead squats (65/45 lbs, 29/20 kg)
  • 6 chin-over-bar pull-ups

6, 8, 10, 12…

7 Fiery Overhead Squat Ab Workouts for CrossFit Athletes


Kettlebells are a great ay to train your core. Kettlebell swings involve the whole body and train many muscles simultaneously.

You can increase the weight of the kettlebell depending on experience and your level of strength.


  • Double Handed Swings – 20 reps

At the end of the 10 minutes you will have performed 200 swings, so don’t underestimate this workout.

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