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5 Don’t Dos for Better Fat Loss Results

Great tips to help your fat loss journey.

These “Don’ts” from Tom Merrick will help you improve fat loss results and transform your body.

Fat Loss Don’t from Tom Merrick


0:00 Introduction

0:46 Fitness As A Long Term Effort

1:32 Don’t Do Steady State Cardio

4:53 Don’t Starve Yourself

7:50 Don’t Ignore Hormones

9:15 Don’t Forget Environment

11:30 Don’t Ignore Rest

13:34 Final Words

Tom also added the following comment to his video, “I should clarify the cardio point further…cardio is not useless but from a time to benefit perspective it is inferior.

Steady state cardio needs to be done often (sometimes daily) to see good benefits for fat loss. HIIT or resistance work requires much less time and many of the benefits plus some more which is why, in my opinion, I put it as a don’t in the video.”

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