5 Excellent Exercises to Promote Fat Loss


The bottoms-up Squat—also known as an Anderson squat—starts from a dead stop position at the bottom, usually with the bar on pins. This simple tweak makes every additional pound you add feel way heavier than the scale says. This squatting variation is a highly effective means at increasing starting strength, rate of force development, and overall performance.

Named after Paul Anderson, an American weightlifter, powerlifter, and strongman. Paul was a World Champion, Olympic Champion, two time U.S. National Champion, set 18 American Records, and 8 World Records, and is one of the pioneers in today’s strength sports. Paul’s top lifts (official and unofficial) are listed below, many of which were achieved through a home-made training regimen, one that often included lifting 55-gallon cement-filled drums, iron wheels, and more.

  • 199.5kg (440lb) clean & jerk (official)
  • 420kg (930lb) back squat (official)
  • 285kg (628lb) bench press (unofficial)

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