5 Fears People Have About Trying CrossFit

  1. It’s a trend, I don’t buy into those things; also it’s expensive and probably not worth it

It might have been like that in the early days, when CrossFit was a new thing and people saw all these benefits they’d never experienced in any other sport before. CrossFit has matured since then, and the scene now is nothing but friendly; driven by the desire to perform and be healthy, instead of by physical appearance.

Every session is personalised and you’ll never walk out without a piece of advice, which happens very often in other sporting environments. Sessions are small and you have to book in, which means there’s a space in the session meant for you and you only. A coach will always have time for you.

Crossfit Community shared suffering
Crossfit Community shared suffering

There’s a wide range of training possibilities and coaches are educated in all of them, and how to scale them for every individual. Inside a Box you’ll find a community of people from all walks of life and, besides improving your fitness and physical health, you’re likely to find great friends and build confidence and other positive transferrable skills.

Need more inspiration before heading to the Box? Read these community stories from five people who were also fearful of trying CrossFit and how they faced their fears.

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