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5 Hypertrophy Programs to Pack on Serious Muscle

These programs will all help you to change your body and improve your training.


This plan uses heavy basic exercises and light isolated ones to get the muscle fully out powered

Day 1 Chest/Triceps

Combinded: Bench Press 2x 20 Warm Up , 5×5 Working Sets (vary weekly barbell and dumbell to protect the rotator cuffs)
Isolated: Cable Flys with crossed over arms 3×12
Combinded : Incline Bench 4x 6-8
Isolated: Butterflys close 2×20
Combined: Dips 4x to failure (minimum of 5)
Isolated: Triceps Rope PullDown 2×20
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Day 2 Legs

Combined: Squats: 2×20 Warm Up, 5×5 Working Sets
Leg Extensions: 2×25
Combined: Stiffed Leg Deadlifts: 4×10 (watch the technique)
Isolated: Leg Curls: 2×25
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Day 3 Shoulders

Combined: Military Press: 2×20 Warm Up, 5×5 Working Sets
Isolated: Side Laterals 3×12-15
Combined: Seated Dumbbell Press 2×20
Isolated: Reverse Butterfly: 4x 12-15
Isolated: Front Laterals: 3×12′
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Day 4 Back/Biceps

Combined: Deadlift 2×20 Warm Up, 5×5 Working Sets
Isolated: Lat Pulldown Close Grip: 3×12-15 ( Feel muscle tension in the lats)
Combined: Barbell Rows: 3×12
Combined: Seated Cable Rows: 3×20 ( Do them as directly after the Barbell Rows, light weight, muscle tension)
Combined: Pull Ups: 5×5
Combined: Snatch Pulls: 3×10
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