5 Important Squat Variations To Build Mass, Strength and Muscle for CrossFit Athletes

Want to build more muscle, get stronger and keep your training varied? Add these into your training and have some fun.


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When it comes to getting strong, people do a lot of fancy things, but there are already proven ways to get strong and dead stop squats are one such tried and tested method.

You may have noticed that the first rep of a Deadlift or Bench Press is always the hardest, and a hand release push up is way harder than a normal one. This is not because of exhaustion, but because you have no momentum or power from the eccentric movement phase. In other words you are generating all your force from a zero point. Movements that operate from this position are called “Dead Stop” exercises.

These also have the additional benefit of completely stopping you from bouncing reps out of the hole.

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