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5 Kettlebell Exercises Every CrossFit Athlete Should Add into Their Training

Keep your training constantly varied with these highly useful 5 exercises.

Kettlebell Standing Pull-Over

Out of the 5 kettlebell exercises, this one comes with the lowest learning curve and yet provides so much. It’s quite easy to grab the kettlebell by the horns with the base facing up, standing in a neutral stance bringing the kettlebell over your shoulder on one side and pulling it back to starting position. As a side note, there’s not much pulling, there is so much happening, you could say that at first there is a curl, press, pull followed by lowering, but let’s not dwell on the name too much.

The part where you get something out of this exercise for your overhead position is by working on the tricep and lat flexibility; plus thoracic and shoulder mobility. You do this by working with the kettlebell in a controlled manner, not explosive, nor with heavyweight (unless you’re working out). The benefits don’t stop there, of course a strength aspect also comes into play.

Once the kettlebell is past the head you push your chest out (thoracic extension), let your triceps and lats stretch, keeps your lats active to protect the shoulders, let the weight hang and pull your arms back and down for a bit; keep the weight away from resting on the back; and finally pull it back up and over, repeat.

You can alternate sides, you can go over one side and pull back on the other. You can also go directly over the head, but I prefer to alternate and work to one side more each time, providing more of a stretch for the arm furthest away. Note that you should keep your elbows tucked and not let them flare out.

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