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5 Kettlebell Exercises Every CrossFit Athlete Should Add into Their Training

Keep your training constantly varied with these highly useful 5 exercises.

Hybrid Strict Press – Kettlebell Exercises

I call this the Hybrid Press as its position is between the front and side press, front is 0° and side is 90°, then hybrid is 45°. Just about the same position for hand-stand push-ups.

Throwing in some kettlebell presses now and again greatly helps with neutral wrist position during the Barbell Press, which I’m personally a big fan of. I realize that the heavier you Barbell Press, the harder it is to keep a neutral wrist, but overall, wrist hyperextension is a big problem with barbell work and can be reduced with some guidance and wrist strength training.

Kettlebells are great to work on muscle inconsistencies during pressing, as they allow you to train unilaterally, they’re also great to promote neutral wrist position, because when you insert the hand properly, the handle and bell will prevent your wrist from hyperextending. I’ve written a high quality short ebook on proper kettlebell grips[1], which you can download for free from my website. Grips is something so fundamental and important with Kettlebell Training, it’s often—and I mean often—overlooked in teaching, hence the reason for many people to give up before they’ve even started.

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Master your kettlebell skills

To understand the angle for the Hybrid Press, hold your hand near and in-front of your shoulder with thumb pointing towards you, elbow tucked in, this is 0°; now bring your hand out laterally next to your shoulder, your elbow is no longer tucked into your side but next to and away from your side, this is 90°; now bring your hand and elbow 45° back in‚ this is the Hybrid position we’re going to be starting the press in.

I don’t think I need to write much more about this, it’s easy to see how this transfers to hand-stand push-ups. When you’re able to press about 33% of your bodyweight on each side, you should be able to do hand-stand push-ups easily, hence, this exercise is a great way to build yourself up to it. If this is an area you need to strengthen, then don’t go for high reps, go for less volume, slow and controlled with heavier weight. Grab that kettlebell sometimes and give it a press, keep track of your progression. And remember, STRICT means no push pressing with the legs, go down on weight if you find yourself push pressing.

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