5 Problems That Every Female Crossfitter Faces

5 different experiences that every female Crossfitter faces when she trains, competes and gets better at Crossfit. What else would you add to this list?


It´s a very common issue for women in Crossfit – once you feel it it might be too late. It often happens when a workout includes Double-Unders or Box Jumps. For some women heavy lifts are also a a problem.

I already stopped a workout or wasn´t as fast as normal because of it. But I´m lucky – it actually never happened, but it was close.

The only tips I can give:

  • when you feel it during the Box Jumps: stop rebounding between the reps and take it slower.
  • always empty your bladder before the workout (it´s still not 100% guaranteed you won´t have this issue than).
  • laugh when it happens 🙂

The best video I found for this problem is from Kelley Jackson – she peed when she PRd her Squat Clean.


It doesn´t matter what level you are, if you are a female Crossfitter and you learn something new in Crossfit then the chances are high that you will also be leaving the gym with new bruises.

Double Unders: Oh boy the double unders practice was the most painful thing for me! You will hate the rope for beating you up and your body will look like you´re into S&M.

Bar Muscle Ups: If your chest is not over the bar after the kipping it´ll hurt after a few reps and your breasts will have a lovely blue color. It definitely hurts a lot. Try to get rid of the chicken wings as soon as possible and develop a good kip and pulling strength.

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