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5 Programming Concepts from 5 Top Crossfit Coaches


Erik runs Weightlifting 101, which specialises in weightlifting within the context of Crossfit. Undoubtedly, a solid weightlifting foundation built from the Snatch and Clean & Jerk is vital for becoming a solid Crossfitter, but this foundation needs to be functional at all times. For example performing a 1RM Snatch well is completely different from doing the same thing after a 5km run, or performing 30 Snatches for time.

Erik coaches with the philosophy that a solid weightlifting foundation is vital. But that foundation must also be adapted and tested to be able to cope with the strenuous and unpredictable demands of Crossfit. He calls it Crossfit Weightlifting.

Erik has worked with many top athletes including:

  • Sara Sigmundsdottir
  • BK Gdmundsson
  • Emma Mcquaid
  • Steven Fawcett


Featured Image © Erik Lau Kelner, Weightlifting 101

Ben Bergeron © Ben Bergeron

Ben Bergeron video © Kill Cliff

Jami Tikkanen photo © Chris Greer

Chris Hinshaw © Xendurance

Erik Lau Kelner © Erik Lau Kelner instagram

Erik Lau Kelner © Erik Lau Kelner instagram

Image Sources

  • Crossfit Coach Ben Bergeron with Katrin Davidsdottir: Ben Bergeron

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