5 Tips to Get Your First Pull-Up

Maybe you have never tried to do a pull-up or are only an inch away – stick with it. All those efforts will get you there, trust me. I was there only a year ago; my pull-up was so far from being a reality that I never gave them any though or tried to perfect them.

Then, one Open workout changed that mindset. For eight minutes I had to try and get a pull-up. Those eight minutes felt like an eternity and I was frustrated with myself. After that workout, I was determined to get a pull-up by spring and worked hard on them.

Every day, I spent time doing negatives and failed attempts. And then everything clicked, I got them! All the tips made sense and I was getting my chin way above that bar.

Does your Box constantly program pull-ups and you’re stuck scaling them? Instead of accepting scaling, work on getting them. There are plenty of drills to get that perfect pull-up; spend at least ten minutes on them every day and you will attain your goal.

It can be hard to see a beginner get their first pull-up before you – we’re all human and a bit competitive – but you can get there too. Hard work pays off. Try these drills to help your pull-up game:

1.Hanging on the Bar

This may seem obvious or silly, but it really helps. It can strengthen your grip and allow your body to get used to the bar in the long run. Spend additional time on the bar to get comfortable with the dead hang position. Try staying in the hang position as long as possible to increase shoulder strength.

2. Ring Rows

Get used to your own bodyweight with this exercise. The movement will strengthen your arms and help you develop more upper body strength. To adjust scalability move your feet around; out in front for a difficult movement or closer in to make it a bit easier.

3. Negatives

Jump up above the bar and slowly bring yourself down at a controlled pace. Negatives can be hard, but they really aid your pull-up game. At first, you may not be able to lower yourself slowly, so remember to tighten your core and control your arms to slow yourself down.

4. Shoulder Swings

Go back to the bar and start in a pull-up position, then use your shoulders to swing back and forth. Stay focused to keep your body from moving uncontrollably. This will help get your body used to the motion. Keep in mind the movement should only come from your shoulders though.

5. Kip Swings

Using more of your body, familiarise yourself to the swinging motion even further. Use your legs to aid the movement and to get some momentum. This will give your whole body a feel for the bar and your own weight on it; something a lot of beginners might need.

Pull-ups can be hard but don’t be discouraged by them. They take some extra practice and work, but with enough grit and perseverance anyone can do them. Every time you go to the gym take a couple minutes to work on them; a pull-up is not scary and is doable by all means.

Make it a priority and soon enough that pull-up will be something that is easy.

I believe in all of you – let us know how you get on!

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