5 Ways CrossFit Training Changes You

1. It makes you tougher

Both physically and mentally, CrossFit training makes you tougher. It starts during a hard workout, when your mind tells you there’s no way you’ll ever reach the 10th round, but you continue chipping away at the reps and you do.

Workout by workout you prove to yourself that you are stronger and more resilient than you thought, and the sense of accomplishment that follows is matched by little else.

CrossFit makes you aware of a mental toughness you never knew you possessed, which you then know how to apply to all other aspects of your life.

2. It defines you by what you can do, not by what you look like

In CrossFit, it really doesn’t matter what you look like. Instead of focusing on physique, CrossFit athletes place huge emphasis on their performance and what they’re capable of doing.

CrossFit has also been a driver in popularising strength training for women and helping people realise that “muscles are for humans. They don’t discriminate genders.”


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